Endless Oddities


Character Rules

For starting numbers please 16,15,14, 12,11,10 before racial stuff and start at level 2 and in your history please give a reason for who trained you that far.

We are going to stick to the Players handbook for this campaign to get Debbie up to speed with a simple set of rules.

If you play someone with cure wounds I leave the option of the d8 or 1d4+4 up to you for each level you cast it. As per cast at second level 2d8 or 2d4+8 your choice

We will play a good campaign so choose good alignments, Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic. In some cases you may be allowed to be true neutral.

We will begin the campaign in the northern part of the land in the Jewel of the North, the largest city in the area. There are many schools here for adventurers, Wizards, rogues, fighters, knights, Monks, Clerics, and Bards can be trained here. Druids and Rangers come from the Enchanted Forest. Sorcerers and Barbarians can come from any of the reaches. We begin in Aster and there is a place called the Adventurers Combine, where there are tools to help people find adventure.

We are going to go with the adventurers being friends in their youth and reuniting after training. Aster holds thousands of people and it is big and strong. It has walls around the city that date some 300 years ago when the north was untamed. It is modern enough today with many merchants and in the bazaar you can find unique and most rare items. The prices are high and the danger of rogues is quite present in the bazaar.

The gypsies sing and dance every evening playing instruments to enhance their music. They are gypsies and do things in their own way but they use the shops and convenience of Aster. The gypsies are ruled by Queen Belacora. But they most admire Seer Ona. All of the gypsy children at ten get a free reading from Ona. She can tell them about their future when done with her trance. It is considered to be an honor to have your future told whether you paid or not.

Aster offers so much is why we are starting here.