Endless Oddities


The story of Aria

The tale of Aria

Aria was born to a young prostitute and she became a complication for her. She took a year off to help her child grow and could not take her to work so she locked her in room by night and cared for her during the day. Aria learned to be happy in her room at night with the door locked. One late night walking home a cleric beat the mother for violating his beliefs. She is really sore and out of work again after the beating. Poor is the way she has gotten with a year off and weeks off because of the beating.

At five she had to go to school and was not home until after Mom left for work. She was free in the evenings and until late night and she was recruited by the organizations who promised money, a place to stay if needed, and free training. She trained quickly and precisely and was capable in only a few weeks. She was assigned as a pickpocket to the bazaar she had a partner who would subtly walk by and collect what was stolen so if caught she doesn’t have the item. She is cute and capable and makes a good amount for the organization. She is pick pocket four years before she is moved.

She became a bean counter and she sorted coins all day into buckets and called someone to remove the full buckets. She was a good fast counter and they liked her at this position. She did three years of counting and at 12 became a neighborhood rogue. She was given a middle class neighborhood and being cute and polite she was getting business on board with paying to not be robbed. She went in to magic shop to get the magician on board and he smiled. “I appreciate you being polite and nice, but you are not going to talk me into paying to not be robbed.”

She smiled kindly and left the office and informed the organization. The magician was robbed four day later. She took the wrath of the magician because she said something so he got robbed. He riled up the neighbors against her and got her arrested for philtering money for the rogues. She was thrown in the dungeon with 300 gold pieces as her freeing price. She is fourteen and in the dungeon. She knows she can escape but the sheer number of guards would surely kill her if they found her. She waited and it was no different than being locked in your room but it was all the time. She got one meal a day and was losing any extra she had. It was three months and seventeen days she was locked up

. To her surprise she was being released. The guards came to get her and locked her in chains and took her through the series of locked doors. When they reached the top the sun burned her eyes. The guard up top removed her chains and she was released to a Knight Torbin. The knight was in armor and said, “You are free to be our groups rogue.” “Thanks I appreciated it kind of weird way to find a rogue.” “We wanted to be sure you would not bail on us.” He said, “You will pay us back with adventure and what is earned, you owe the group three hundred gold pieces.” “I can live with that it is better than rotting in the dungeon.” Aria asked, “How did you find me?” “A rogue who interviewed but was uncomfortable with the group mentioned you. He said you had nine years of experience and were kind and polite.” “Yeah, I am rather polite.” She admitted. “The next question is do you have the necessary things required to adventure?” He asked. “No,” she replied. “Then we go shopping.” Knight Torbin said,

The knight purchased everything she would need to adventure she even got a second set of tools in case she breaks a tool working a lock. He was impressed with her so far. “Now that you are prepared carry these things and come on we are going to meet the group. She hoisted up the pack and with her weapons on her belt. “I am ready to meet them,” she said. He walked her to the Broken Wheel Tavern. We walked to a table with a dwarf, half orc, human, and a gnome. The knight pulled out a chair for Aria and she sat down after dropping her pack down. He pushed her back in and she put her pack behind her. The knight took the empty seat. Hello guys this is Aria our indentured rogue. She has nine years of experience she should be fine for what we need.”