Endless Oddities


The story of Endie

The tale of Endie

Endie is born to young woman and her older boyfriend. She grew up a normal life to the age of five when she would have gone to school her mother got really sick and died. Her father endured so much grief he could not care for her. He dropped her off at the Monastery of the Hand. Explained his problem and donated a large sum of money. The monastery would raise her and teach her what is learned in school.

She grows up with school time of day and stretching then workout time of day. She slept well and ate enough to survive and keep her going. She is no stranger to hard work by twelve and nearing the end of the school information. She is in great shape and learning the ways of the Monastery. Starting so young helped with having the energy to keep going. The work was hard and she studied regularly but learned enough. She earned the title of Monk at the tender age of sixteen.

She has a meeting with Grandmaster Tato and learns she must leave her home for the past eleven years and go out and adventure. She takes the news with surprise but being a hard worker she packed to leave in the morning. She went to the dock and checked caravans she could serve as a guard on that lead to nearer to Aster. She found one leading that afternoon and signed up.

She had half a day to find something to do. Her father asked her to lunch to celebrate her achievement of Monk. Endie went to her lunch with father. He showed great pride in her for the achievement. He showed he loved her and explained he could not help her when she was young because his wife dying hit him hard. Endie had contact from dad over the years and still keeps in touch by letters. He bought her lunch and they had a good time together and her father produced a large pouch of gold. “This is some travelling money I have been saving for when you leave. Please take it and use it wisely.” He handed Endie a large pouch of gold. Endie hugged and kissed her father and took the pouch and tied it securely to her belt.

They parted as Endie left to meet her caravan. The caravan left on time and took six days to reach the destination of Menis. The town of Menis is small but has an inn and she gets a room in that inn. She takes a badly needed bath and returns to the caravan docking port. She looks for a caravan to get closer to Aster. She lucked out and found a stone caravan set for Tormi which is close to Aster. It will require three days in which Orcs are known to frequent in the twelve days of Travel. She is paid a little more for this caravan because combat might be needed. They caravan leaves two hours early to catch more sunlight on their travel.

It takes almost two hours to use the barge in Della across the Wilde River. Only two wagons at a time could be taken across. They headed east for three days and entered the area where Orcs tend to roam. The caravan stopped every six hours to water the horses. While heading to camp an Orc scout was watching the caravan and blew a loud blast of the horn he was carrying. He turned and left the area of the caravan.

They are setting up to camp on a hillside overlooking two valleys. When someone spots some Orcs on Worgs and coming this way, they clearly have weapons and intend to attack. The guards and the healers have time to get in position. The arcane presences prepared as well. They are ready to defend the caravan.

There are six Orcs on five Worgs charging toward them and as they near the Orcs decide to dismount and attack as do the Worgs. The guards team up on all of them and they take the fight to them. Endie is part of three guards that take one of the Worgs. The fierce Worg was agile and hard to hit. It was mean with its bite and dying slowly. She finally move the side and attacked the Worgs back right leg. She hit several times and disabled the leg with a maneuver. This tilted the fight for the guards and with a few heals they were fine and the creature is defeated. The three some split up to aid more groups and help others to kill their targets. The Worgs turned and ran when three of them died and the Orcs went fast with five guards on each one and two turned and ran. They had driven the orcs off and lived to talk about it.

They used a dwarf to watch for more Orcs at night. There was nothing more attacking through the morning. The caravan moved a little early and moved a little quicker to leave the Orc area sooner. At the end of the day they are almost out of the range of the Orcs. They set up watch when the night falls, and nothing comes to attack them. The morning comes early, due to the middle of the summer. The caravan packs up and leaves at 8am and moves a little bit quickly for half the day. This cleared them from the area near the Orc colonies. The rest of the caravan travels were safe and they reached Tormi on the eleventh day due to the quick movement rather late. She is paid combat pay so she receives almost 600 more gold pieces. She is loaded now and has plenty of money. She leaves the caravan dock with two large pouches of coins that almost weigh the belt off her waist. She walks to the center of town and begins to look for an inn.

She finds the adventurers historic Inn, The Sleeping Tiger Inn and Tavern. She walks into the tavern and through the tavern to Inn side of the place; She says to the Innkeeper, “Nice to meet you Innkeeper I am Endie and I would like a room for two weeks.” “Hello Endie, are you at least sixteen my dear?” The Innkeeper asked. “I am sixteen for the last seven months.´Endie said. “Good,” the Innkeeper started, “The cost for two weeks is 13 gold pieces.” Endie reached into a pouch and removed thirteen coins and gave them to the innkeeper. “Thank you,” the Innkeeper said, “Here is a key to room 207. Enjoy your stay with us.” “I hope to find adventure in those two weeks, thank you.” Endie said as she turned the corner and walked up the stairs. She found room 207 when it unpacked her clothes and the gold piece bags into the dresser. She heated a bath and took a long deep cleansing bath.

She dried off and put on clean clothes and washed her clothes from the journey. She hung them on everything she could to dry them and folded them and put them when dried. It was late now and she decided not that she is comfortable she would go to bed.

She wakes early the next morning and takes a few gold pieces down to breakfast, once she is dressed. She is sitting in the tavern at a two person table and orders two eggs over medium some hash browns, and lemonade. Endie likes the lemonade here and drinks it rather quickly. A handsome man came into the tavern and looked around. He smiles at her and sits at her table, “Hello Yolanda” he says. “Sorry sir, I am Endie.” “I clearly have the wrong table, I am sorry to have bothered you.” He stood up, pushed his chair in and left the table. He sat with another young woman and they began a conversation. “He must have found Yolanda,” she thought. Her food arrived she really liked her meal and the barmaid brought her another lemonade. “Thank you the meal was delicious and you are kind. What do I owe you?” Endie asked. “Five silver pieces please, here is your bill.” The barmaid said as she handed her the bill. Endie reached into her pouch and pulled out one gold piece and said, “The rest is for you.” Endie said as she handed it to the barmaid. The barmaid smiled, “Thank you Endie” she said. Endie smiled back, “Thank you.” Endie stood up and walked over the inn side an up to her room. She changed her fancy shoes for some walking shoes. She left the room and the tavern walking into the street. She walks three blocks north and two blocks east. She sees in the corner the place she is looking for, the Adventurers Combine. She walks into the corner of the plaza and opens the door.

The guard inside smiles and says, “Welcome to the Adventurers Combine, I draw you attention to small rectangular table and the thick tome on the far end. The tome is for adventurers to post a one page advertisement with talents and skills, the type of adventure you want and contact information. If there are any questions please direct them to me Guard Jensen. “ “Thank you Guard Jensen for the introduction of the place,” she said as she walked to the small table and took the chair that on this end of the table. She reached the length of the table for the Tome and pulled it to her.

She opened the tome and read some of advertisements to see the approach of other people. When she saw five or six different styles she turned to open page and inked the pen.

I am looking for good adventures with a good group. I have been a monk since sixteen and I have seen real combat since. I grew up in the Monastery of the Hand and am looking for adventure as per my assignment. If you need a quality monk with experience please contact, Endie Torreston @ The Sleeping Tiger Inn room 207. I think you will like me.

Endie reread it too make sure it read smooth and explained her abilities and her background all at the same time. Growing up the monastery taught her a lot of things and being direct is most important to good communication. She closed the tome and pushed it back to its resting place. She stood and pushed the chair in and headed to the door saying, “Have a good day Guard Jensen.” He smiled and as she reached the door he said, “Good luck.” Endie smiled and left the office. She wandered the city some just to see what is there. She spend two hours looking before she found her way back to the tavern. She gets some lunch a tuna sandwich and some chips, with lemonade. “Right away,” The barmaid said, “I will be right back with your drink.” The barmaid left the table and returned a few moments later with het lemonade. “Thank you.” Endie said. The barmaid smiled at her and said, “It should be only a few minutes it is slow right now.” Endie smiled and waited. It had only been a few minutes when her food arrives. She smiled at the barmaid and said, “Thank you.” The barmaid smiled back and left the table.

As she is eating the lemonade runs out and no sooner does it a new one arrives. When the plate is cleared she gets a bill and pays with a gold piece. She leaves the table and goes up to her room. She writes a letter to her father.

Dear Dad,

I found the famous inn, the Sleeping Tiger Inn and Tavern. I have room here room 207 and I left an advertisement in the tome in the Adventurers Combine. I hope to have a group when I write you again.

We battled some orcs and worgs on the trip here and won easily. Three of us defeated a worg and we split up to help more groups finish faster. The battle lasted maybe a half hour before the opponents fled. The combat pay was a little more than you gave me. I will be fine with all these gold pieces.

I am excited about getting a good group with good intentions. It will be both fun and binding to fight together. I look forward to meeting and respecting more adventurers. I hope for the best like I always do. I am still in great shape working out every day and the food in tavern has tasted good and been well prepared.

I am feeling great and have something to look forward too. I am in good place. Love Endie..

She placed the letter into an envelope and took it the parcel. She sent it express which will be five days instead of twenty two days home. She doesn’t mind the five gold pieces charge for the express.

She went to a nearby bakery and ordered four crumpets. She likes crumpets and will try them here. They were blueberry wine flavored and delicious. She really enjoyed her crumpets. She goes back to the inn and there is note laying against her door. She picks up the note and there is writing on the note, it says, “Sorry I missed you Endie please read.” She tucked the note under her arm and goes into her room locking the door.

She sits in the easy chair and turns her attention to the envelope. It is fancy and she opens it carefully. She separates the sides of the envelope to procure the note inside. She unfolds the fancy paper to read:

Dear Endie,

I am Knight Courtis, I am putting a group together for some good adventures that will help with leveling and pride. If you are interested in this group please be at the Broken Wheel Tavern, on the 5th of August, at high noon. It is there you will meet me and the others, I have invited, for their excellence and pride. Please be there on time and ready to meet other adventurers to build a quality group. Think about it, at least. Sincerely Knight Courtis.

It is the third today so she only had a short time before she would meet the group. She relaxes and embraces the fact she will be part of group