Endless Oddities


The story of Kenisa

The tale of Kensia

Kensia is born to a travelling group doing athletics and acrobatics shows. She goes to school with three other children of varying ages and they learn from a teacher who travels with the troupe. As she grows she learned working out it part of the daily routine and she begins to work out at five. She is a hard worker and it pays off in big ways. She is flexible and strong by nine, and in great shape. At ten she is part of the show, she does some tumbling with great flexibility and strength.

She is a hard worker and gets bigger roles as she grows in the show. She is pretty and has a great personality. She is loved by the troupe for her kind words when things look bad. The focus of Kensia changed a little when she turned twelve.

She is aware she can control minor magic just little things like fixing broken things. She continues to stay in great shape and she continues to do her tumbling with the troupe. She is used to life on the road and she works hard at tumbling and her magic. She advances on her own and by fifteen she is working with some real magic. It occurs to her at sixteen she is lost with how to advance again. She will need a trainer.

She waited until the troupe came to Aster. They booked rooms in the Tired Filly Inn. For the first time in months they can take a bath. Kensia cleaned up and put on a yellow sundress. It accented her sparkling blue eyes and made her look great. It is obvious she is in great shape and to see her is a special event. On an off day she went to the Sleeping Tiger Inn and Tavern. She took a two person table in the Tavern and ordered Lemonade in a tall glass.

She sat there with most eyes on her sipping her lemonade slowly. In about fifteen minutes from when she got there a handsome older man, came into the tavern and looked around and sat at her table with her. “Hello Kensia, You look great and I am here to help you advance. If you are ready I will teach you what you need to know.” He said. “I am ready to train.” Kensia said. “Come to room 210 at dawn tomorrow and we will begin bring your stationary to take notes.” He said. “I will be there tomorrow at dawn.” Kensia said. He smiled and stood up and left the table and the tavern. Kensia was thrilled she found a trainer and finished her lemonade and took care of the bill.

She rushed to the troupe and spread the news she had a trainer while it town. She admitted it might take longer than the two weeks the troupe is here. No one was alarmed by that news and she could always catch up with them. She had no pressure to hurry. She called it night kind of early and took a bath and went to bed she had to be up before dawn.

She wakes before dawn and puts paper, ink and pens into her stationary and heads over the Sleeping Tiger Inn, She goes up the stairs quietly and finds room 210 she knocks softly on the door. The handsome man let her in and she took the desk. The lesson began when she was ready to take notes. He talked all day and even into the evening the sun is down before he stopped she had seven pages of notes. She packed up and left the tavern and took a bath reviewing the notes while she bathed. She goes to bed early to wake for the next lesson.

The troupe leaves after the two weeks and Kensia is still training so they pay for another week of her room. The troupe says good luck and leaves for the next town. Kensia is alone for the first time in her life and she is comfortable with it.

She continues to train until the eighteenth lesson and when she is reviewing her notes in the bathtub she realizes she can advance. She is excited and dresses after the bath and heads back to the Sleeping Tiger inn to thank the man. She arrives at 210 and there is no answer from the room. She goes down to the innkeeper and asks, “Is the man in 210 still there?” The Innkeeper looks at registry and says, “He checked out about an hour ago. If you are Kensia there is a note from him for you.” The Innkeeper said. He handed her the note and it said, “Kensia” on the note. She took it back to her inn and sat in an easy chair to read it.


You are the prettiest and in the best shape person I have ever met. It was a pleasure seeing you while I talked. What is important is you need to know you are done with trainers. From now on when you are ready you will get a name location and time to meet the person you must train to advance. Good luck making new spells and continued success in magic. Your Teacher.

She understood why he bolted when he was sure she would get it. She understands she must train someone when it time to train again. She has four days in the city left to wander the city. She began working on a spell and she made one fast. She was satisfied and walked the city for two days.

On day two she met a knight from the temple of Pelor. Knight Adams is handsome and he wants to take her to dinner tonight. She accepts the date saying, “That sounds great,” He smiled and said, I will pick you up at about six pm please be ready by then.” “I will look forward to it.” She said. They met around noon so there was plenty of time to get ready.

She went back to the room and did an hour and half work out to stay in top shape. She took a bath and washed her hair. She wrapped a towel around her hair before drying off with another towel. She put on normal clothes and waited about an hour to take the towel off her hair and styles it. She parted it in the middle and did braids down the sides of her it took an hour and half but it looks good and stylish. She changes into her formal dress. It too is yellow and fits rather cozy. She is almost ready a little make up to make her perfect and a dab of perfume will win him over. She is ready eight minutes early and sits waiting for him.

The knock came on the door at precisely six pm and she opened the door and left her room with him after she locked the door. Knight Adams said, “You look lovely tonight and smell terrific.” “Thank you.” Kensia replied, “You look quite handsome in a suit.” “Thank you,” Knight Adams said and he offered her an arm and she took the arm and he led her down the stairs and through the tavern into the street. They walked several blocks and she was surprised they are going to Clem’s Steak House. He walked her up the steps and into the fine restaurant. The hostess said, “How can we serve you?” “A table for two, for Knight Adams please.” He said. The hostess smiled and said, “Right this way please.” She led them through the restaurant and there is table in a banquet room and that was there table.

He followed her to her seat and pulled out the chair for her, when she sat he pushed her in comfortably. Then he walked to his seat and sat down. He said my friend said you are so hot you have to be a sorceress.” “I am a Sorceress, I have been one since twelve.” “Interesting I did not know I would be a knight until fifteen. It would be different to know you path from twelve I guess.” He said. “I have done rather well since then. I have a third level spell.” She admitted. “You may be more experienced in your caste than I am in mine.” He said, “You are in great shape I know you are hard worker.” “Yes I learned from a tribe of acrobats that is my family. We work hard to make a fine finished product. It means our livelihood.” She replied, “I leave to meet up with them tomorrow”. “So you are leaving tomorrow that is a surprise. Perhaps when return we can meet again.” “I would like that.” She said, “You are nice and handsome and seem to care I am interested in you. Like what is your favorite color?’ He smiled and said, “Really like navy blue like my suit. What is your favorite color?” My costume for performing is Yellow but I prefer a soft purple. What is it being a knight you seek to do?” “I do things for people in need of having of them done.” He replied, “In the spirit of being helpful to people.” “That is to be commended for spreading good like that.” She replied, “I just like to use my spells against evil, I am a follower of Pelor as we travel we can always find a temple. You seem to have really grasp, the concept of Pelor.” “Yes that is part of the training of a knight.” He said.

“Where is your troupe now in the world?” he asked. “They are in Tormi for another week. We do two sets of shows before we move on.” She explained. “That is interesting, fortunately for you Tormi is only a couple hours travel to meet them. Why did you stay behind?” He asked. “I was still training when they left. I finished two days later and had some days to kill while still in the inn.”

“Your life is way more interesting than mine. I am small town boy who became a knight.” He said. “Good,” she said. The kids of that town look up to you.” She said. “I never looked at that way but I am sure you are right, you are quite helpful too.” He said.

They made small talk and wondered where their waiter was when he finally showed up. “What would you like to drink. “I will take pale ale, and the lady would like an elven white wine”. He said. “I will be right back with them.” The waiter said. He returned in no time with their drinks and said, “I am Rodrigo and I will be serving you here are some menus to peruse. I will return in time for your orders. Thank you for coming to Clem’s Steak House.”

She perused the menu and the prices were steep. She wanted a grilled chicken breast with mixed vegetables. She told Knight Adams what she wanted and he smiled. When the waiter returned he said, “Are you ready to order?’ “The lady will have a grilled chicken breast, lightly seasoned with mixed vegetables. I will have the cowboy sirloin with the asparagus medley and mashed potatoes.” He said. “Thank you,” Rodrigo said, “I will run this back to the kitchen it will be probably twelve minutes before it is ready.” He left the table and walked into the kitchen.

They began talking again getting to know each other and what makes them tick. He is brave and hearty with lots of good in his past. She has a good clean heart and is good as well. They get along very well and they are comfortable with each other before the food comes.

Rodrigo shows off his strength by carrying two trays one with each meal and he sets down her food first and then gives the knight his food. “Enjoy your meals I will be back in few minutes to see how well you are enjoying it.” Rodrigo said as he took his trays back to the kitchen.

Her chicken was seasoned and it looked delicious and they gave her a big scoop of mixed veggies. It was a lot of food but she is hungry. They talked a little while they ate but both meals were good and they ate more than they talked. The meal was delicious she at most of the chicken breast and most of the vegetables before saying, “I think I am done but it was delicious” She pushed her plate away. The knight had already killed the steak and potatoes and was picking at the asparagus medley. “I admire your ability stop eating when you are full. I was raised in a clean your plate family. Where being full was not an excuse to stop eating.” He laughed.

She smiles and says, “That is funny you should feel free to stop when you are full.” “I so agree but it is ingrained in my memory.” He pleaded. He finished the asparagus medley and pushed his empty plate away. “Now I am stuffed.” He said. “Great,” She said, “Now you are going to want a nap.” She said and laughed and he laughed too. Rodrigo cleared the plates and came back, “Will either of you having desert?” “We will have blackberry cream on a sweet crumpet. We will split it.” He said. “I will be right back with that.” Rodrigo said and he walked quickly into the kitchen.

He returned with a large crumpet smothered in blackberry cream with a pair of spoons. “Enjoy your dessert.” Rodrigo said as he left the table.The dessert was very good the sweet crumpet was delicious with the blackberry cream. She wound up eating more of it than Knight Adams who is really full. “Thank you, the meal was a great display of food that was delicious all of it.” She said. “You are welcome Kensia this is good fine restaurant.” Rodrigo came back to collect the empty plate and drops off the bill. Knight Adams looks at the bill and pulls nine gold pieces out his pouch and places them on the bill. He stands and pushed his chair in. He walks to her side of the table and pulls her chair our she stands, he pushes her chair in and offers her an arm. She takes the arm and they walk through the restaurant and out of it. In the street he says, “I have another surprise I bought tickets to showing of phantom of the opera and their first row. We should get there it begins at eight pm.” He said. “That is fantastic thank you, it is one show I haven’t seen.” She said with a smile.

They walked at an accelerated pace to the Wembley Theater. They show their tickets to get in and are ushered to their seats. The theater fills up quickly and the show begins. She is captivated by the show she really enjoys it. She is happy once it ends and impressed with the performance. They wait in the line to exit the theater. “I have one more surprise,” he said, “I must make a quick stop at home to pick up something.” She is fine with stopping at his house and picking up something. They both have big smiles as they leave the theater. They walk arm in arm to the smallest house on noble lane. It is the fourth house and it is plenty big for the Knight but rather small compared to some of the giant homes of the block. He excused himself for a minute went into his house and came out with a large Persian blanket. He took her by the arm not carrying the blanket and led her out of the city and along the security wall toward the sea. When they reached the sea edge he spread the blanket and they both sat on the blanket. “You want to see something incredible lay down.”

They both lay down and look at the beautiful night stars. “Wow this is awesome.” She said. “It is one of the best sights in the area aside from you.” He said. She smiled and said, “Oh you are so kind.” They stared at the sky looking at the beautiful display of stars away from the city lights. There is no conversation for the next several minutes. She put her hand in his and he held her hand. She leaned over kissed him he was surprised but kissed back. “Thank you for the most enchanting night ever.” She said, “It is quite late and I have to be out by eleven am we should head back.” He honored her wish and when they stood and moved off the blanket he folded it up. Took her by the arm and walked her back to her inn.

At the door to her room they embraced and she kissed him again. “Thank you for meeting me you are an incredible person and when you come to town again look me up.” he said. “Thank you for the great evening it pains me that I am leaving in the morning and it will be months before were back.” “I will tell you what I will meet you at 10:30 am here and we can walk to Tormi and I will stay and watch your performance.” “I would like that sure. I will be ready to leave at ten thirty and looking forward to it.” She replied. “You should get some sleep I will go now.” He said. “Have a great night and dream of our night until we meet again.” She said. He laughed and smiled and left down the stairs.

She went in her room and heated a bath while she changed. She took a bath it might be the last one in a while. She cleaned up and she packed up before she went to bed after the wonderful date.

She woke about nine am and dressed and went down for breakfast. She ate breakfast and paid and took care of the help before heading up. It was nine forty five she finished packing her things and prepared to leave it was after ten when she was ready and she sits in the easy chair waiting for him.

There is a knock on the door precisely at ten thirty am. She opened the door and he is there she hugged him. She picked up her gear and they left together walking side by side. He stepped back while she checked out of the inn. They meet afterward and leave the tavern and begin walking south. They leave Aster and head south west to Tormi.

The talk while they travel the three hours to Tormi. Kensia finds the troupe and introduces everyone to Knight Adams. She calls him her friend. He graciously met the whole troupe. They are impressed with him and he feels good about that. He goes to find an inn while they do their workouts.

Kensia worked out with her troupe and he found one of the many inns that suited him and dropped his armor for comfortable clothes. He returned when the workout was wrapping up. He walked her through the town showing her what the town had to offer. She enjoyed spending time with him and learned the town. She explained, “Our next show is in the arena on Saturday it lasts about two and half hours and it starts at six pm.” “Great I will be there to cheer you on.” He said. He is always so positive and she likes that.

Saturday came and early they ate breakfast together before morning workout getting used to the stage. They split up after breakfast it would after the show when they met again.

She worked her routine on the stage and it was sufficient for her mission. She relaxed for the two hours before the show and the stretching necessary. She had on her soft shoes with stiff bottoms she used for gymnastics. She would with Elaine on the show tonight and they would do solo stuff and together stuff. They planned their show for an hour and they rested for half an hour. They stretched for a half hour and it was almost show time. The acrobats left the stage and Jimmy the announcer went on stage.

Kensia and Elaine were moved to the first act at the last moment because they were ready. They did the flips and incredible balance and flexibility moves. Then they did the duo things and one laid on the stage on her back with her legs in the air and the other on the feet against her body and laid down and she was spun around with Elaines feet. The crowds was loving the show and loud already. They did all their duo stuff and the crowd really reacted. She looked for Knight Adams while spinning but could not find him. They finished their show went to the center and bowed to an enormous applause. They left the stage going with one to the left the other to the right while the next performers came out.

Kensia was out of breath it was a great show. She was bent over trying to breath when she heard. “You were incredible with Elaine. The crowd loved you guys.” Knight Adams said. “She turned her head and said, “I don’t even know how you got back here.” He smiled and said, “A few gold pieces did the trick.” She smiled and stood up straight. She is glad he is here even if she is sweaty and tired. “It takes a lot of work to make it look so easy. It is challenge every day.” She said. “Well the practice to make it work worked flawlessly you are fantastic.” He said. “We have something to talk about that is inherently important.” “Let me change and will talk.” She said and took clothes into the changing station. She put on her yellow sundress and socks with her shoes. She is comfortable now and returns to Knight Adams who is explaining to Dave how he got back here. Dave smiled, “No harm no foul knight Adams.” Knight Adams offered her an arm and they walked to a quiet place and he sat her down.

“I have been part of an adventuring group for a year now and they want you to be our Sorceress. It would be a chance for you to improve your magic. Before you say no, at least meet the group. We are meeting at the Simple Bar Tavern at 8:30 if you are interested, they will love you too.” Kensia smiled and said, “I will talk to the troupe and will meet your group.” “Thank you for considering I was not sure you would.” He said. “I want to adventure more than perform but I am not sure the troupe will understand.” She replied. “Talk to them and tell them that and they will grant it to you.” He said. “Go now and I will see you at 8:30 pm the show will be over by then. I promise to be there as soon as I can.” She said. “Okay I will go so you can talk to them and see you tonight I am looking forward to it.” he said. She smiled and he left the backstage.

The first person she talked to is Elaine. “Elaine I have an offer to adventure and I want to explore the possibility if the troupe lets me go.” “I will miss you greatly but I can find another partner.” Elaine said. “Thank you Elaine, you are the first person I have told.” “You should talk to Dave.” Elaine said. “Yep, that is who I tell next.” Kensia said. “Good,” Elaine said, “He is walking this way.” Kensia smiled and stood up and walked up to Dave and need to talk. “I already know that you have a chance to adventure and we feel we should not hold you back. I have talked to the members and they agree. You did not pick to be a sorceress but you are and you have to pursue that we understand.” Kensia teared up and said, “I guess Knight Adams told you. Thank you for clearing it for me.” “Sure thing, Adams wanted me to clear it for you. It was easy to do even Elaine was willing to let you go for adventure. This troupe is an experience but not like you can get being a sorceress. If it does not work you are welcome back with open arms. Come and say hi when you can.” Dave said. She smiled and said, “You are the best Dave, I will stop in every time I am near.” Kensia said, “I have great respect for everyone.” “They know that and it is part of why they are on your side.” Dave said. “You are probably right.” She smiled and hugged Dave. “I meet them tonight and might be leaving tomorrow.” She said. “That is fine we will celebrate you on another meeting in the future.” Dave said. “Thank you Dave. I need to prepare to meet them.” Kensia said. “Knock em dead tonight.” Dave said. “Yes sir.” Kensia said as she left to prepare.

She found and inn and got a room for a night and went up the room and took a bath. She washed her hair and wrapped it with a towel. She dried off and put the yellow sundress back on. She used some makeup to highlight her eyes. She spent enough time tweaking her look she could remove the towel and she changed her look. She parted it in the middle and layered it down across her shoulders and back. She combed it out for an hour until it was silky and smooth. She looked like a sorcerer with her hair down anyway. It was getting closed to meeting time so she dabbed on some floral essence perfume and left for the tavern.

As she walked to the inn people looked at her with respect in their eyes for her condition of fitness and her sorcery powers. She walked smoothly and was beautiful she would wow them. She walked into the Simple Bar Tavern and every head turned to her. Knight Adams stood and waved her over. She walked to the table and sat in the chair he pulled out. He gently pushed her in comfortably.

Knight Adams smiled and said, “This is Kensia, give her a nice welcome.” “Welcome Kensia” the group said. “It is nice to meet you all.” Kensia said. Knight Adams began, “To my right is my best friend Jorgan, yes he is a dwarf fighter. To Jorgan’s right is the lovely Nanry our cleric of Pelor. To Nanry’s right is Morell and he is our rogue. To Morell’s right is out other dwarf Mar, who is a barbarian. To Mar’s right is Kensia the Sorceress, and I am Knight Adams.”

Conversations began between the members and Kensia. They too were enchanted with her. Even the dwarfs who were concerned with her magic ability were satisfied. Even the well, built Mar was impressed with the shape she is in. They talked for hours and knew each other well enough. At ten thirty he got every ones attention and said, “Kensia now that you have met the group will you join us?” Kensia said, “I am sure the group is capable even if knight Adams might need more experience his heart is pure. I would be glad to be a member of this group.”

Knight Adams smiled and handed each member a red and a black marble. Red for Verified black for rejected. He removed his helmet and each member put a marble in the hat without revealing which one. They handed the unused marble secretly to Knight Adams. Knight Adams took the helmet and pulled a marble out, “One red,” He pulled out another and said, “Two red.” The third pull was, “The third red.” He reached into the helmet and pulled a marble he smiled and said, “A fourth red” He was beaming when he pulled the last stone, “The fifth red. You have been agreed on to join.” “Great, thank you I want to be your Sorceress.” Kensia said. The group applauded her and she smiled, “Thank you all” Kensia said.

Knight Adams said, “May I have your attention. It is almost eleven pm and we have business to attend too. I propose we meet here at high noon tomorrow for this talk due to the lateness. “ The group agreed it was late and would meet the next day at high noon. “That concludes our business tonight be safe until we meet again.” Knight Adams said as he began packing up his stuff and replacing his helmet. The dwarfs and Knight Adams were quick to leave with Morell. Nanry said when the men were gone, “The shape you are in took many years to achieve I envy you.” “You are pretty and in good shape too.” Kensia said. “You are solid muscle you put some monks to shame.” Nanry said. “Thank you for noticing I am an acrobat part of troupe that decided as a whole to let me adventure and move on without me.” “They must love you for that decision to come forward.” Nanry said, “I can tell you take nothing for granted and work hard.” “You are quite observant.” Kensia said. “It is a good thing why the members voted for you. We could tell we could count on you because of your dedication to working out. Dedication is what we were looking for,” Nanry said, “I am anxious to see if Knight Adams favors you.” “His heart is pure I do not expect I will be treated any differently.” Kensia said. “It might happen he is in love with you.” Nanry said. Kensia looked surprised when she said that. “We only dated once.” “He claims he had to get the gumption to walk up to you and talk. It has happened over some time.” Nanry said. “Do not think I do not like him because I do, we had the most enchanting evening and I like him, I am interested in him but love is a long way away.” Kensia said. “I could tell that by the way you carry yourself. Know that he is as pure as you think, he will win you over at some point we are hoping.” Nanry said. “Hmm I will think about that.” Kensia said, “I have considered him a friend nothing more yet.” “That is fine Kensia I just wanted you think about it.” She packed up and left the table. Kensia stood up after Nanry left. She walked out of the tavern and into the street. Knight Adams was nowhere in sight. She shrugged and walked to her inn extended one night room and got some sleep.