Endless Oddities


The story of Tawny

The tale of Tawny

She is born to a single mother who has had an affair with a noble and her father is that noble. When they broke up he agreed to send her money to help raise Tawny. All is as it should be while Tawny is a baby and it was not until she went to school her mother fell into drugs. Tawny grew up in the forest and knows the forest well and when the meals stopped coming because of mother’s addiction she packed up and took her chances in the forest.

She is seven and good with the bow she takes her bow and gather from the forest and kill for meat if she wishes. She finds four trees that have fallen together and she builds a yew leaf roof for it. She uses a blanket to sleep on and is near a creek for water. She can bathe and she still goes to school.

She is in school thought 13 when he mother came to the school and claimed she ran away. Tawny explained meals had stopped and interaction between them had grinded to a halt. Her mother was very apologetic but it was too little too late for Tawny. She claimed she would go home with her tomorrow and she never went back to school.

She stayed at her home in the forest and made a life for herself. She found a wrecked caravan with many casualties. She found a shovel and dug a common grave and moved the bodies to the grave marked the grave and looked around. She found a great axe with no marks on it in pristine condition and left behind. She took the axe and it is particularly light.

She uses it to chop wood to make a cabin and furniture to fill the cabin. She sleeps in homemade bed and lives inside now for the winters with a brick fire place. The axe never scratches or has dinged in all that she has done with it. She began to learn to use it a weapon at fifteen and she is diligent and capable and by sixteen she is formidable with her axe. The lightness helps her practice and allows her time to recover and still not be drawn right back to exhaustion.

She is a good hunter a capable axe wielder as well as cute girl who forged a life in the forest. Her first physical challenge was three Gnolls that wanted her things and she used her axe to kill them all. She dragged the bodies deep in the forest and left them for the wolves. She is approached six days later by the brother of one she killed. She smiles and says, “He was part of some bandits and tried to attack me.” The Gnoll is not content with her answer. “You are clearly more powerful why would they attack you?” The gnoll said. “They wanted all my things including my cabin I was not about to give it to them.” “I have come to avenge the death of my brother and I intend to do that.” The gnoll drew his sword.

Tawny drew her axe and took a defensive position. The gnoll approached using techniques she had not seen. All at once he kicked her and she fell. As the gnoll tried to stand over she kicked him in crotch and jumped with one move to her feet with her axe. The battle waged on and he was the aggressor she saw him charging and stepped aside and when he stopped she swung her hardest and hit chest of the Gnoll. The gnoll bled furiously and she stood over him. “You are formidable than I thought. There are whole tribe of gnolls that will displeased you killed us both. Beware.” He said as he clutched his chest. She smiled and delivered a finishing blow to him. She dragged him and left him with what was left of the others.

To her good luck she is found by a scout. She is cooking with her gathered things waiting and she is approached by Scout Temken. “Hello I found you cabin last week and you were gone I thought I would return. I am scout Temken,” He said. “Hello Scout Temken are you hungry?” “I have not eaten since breakfast if your offering. I have plenty of meat and some berries and nuts to go with it. There is enough for several so you are welcome.” Tawny said. The scout came and sat down on a log stool that was near the fire. “I wanted to see if you have had enough of the solo life and if you would like to return to civilization I can lead you there.” Temken said. “I would not mind going back. It will take me a couple of days to get ready to leave.” “Take your time there is no rush.” He said.

They began eating and he said, “So do you want two days or maybe a third day.” “How many days travel to where we are going?” Tawny asked. “Moreley is five days away” He said. “I will need three days to gather enough food for that time” She said. “Okay I tell you what I will return on the fourth day in the morning and we leave together.” “That works for me.” Tawny said.

He thanked her for the meal and said, “You certainly know how to cook.” She smiles and says, “I have ten years to learn cooking I have picked some things up.” Temkan smiles and says see you next Wednesday.” He took off into the forest and went on his way. She hunted a wild boar and cleaned it well she cooked it and salted it for the trip. On the second day she gathered all day to get a large bag of fruit, nuts, and health roots. On the second night she builds a cart with the axe. She made the wheels first and attached them to an axle with a cotter pin. Once the axle is put together she builds a box for on top to carry her things she is taking with her. She goes to sleep very late. She wakes late and decides to fill the cart with what she wants. She took her clothes from hides, her tanning liquids and her homemade tool she uses. She packs that and meat and has room she brings her grooming things and combs and brushes. She has room for her natural perfume and even her bedroll she made for travel. She is ready by six and in bed by eight pm.

She sleeps and is up by 5am she eats some breakfast she looks at her pristine axe and it still pristine after all she was used it for. She makes a harness for the axe on her back that she can unleash buy pulling the handle up. then she took the cart handles and pulled the cart. She carried the axe over her backpack and pulled the cart as they travelled.

They leave at down and travel until the sun is gone. He hunts and she gathers for fresh food. She cooks and he likes her cooking. They become friends as they travel together and she is personable enough he is surprised she has been alone ten years. He does let up any days and on the evening of the fifth day we arrived in Moreley. “Do you have any money?” He asked. “Yes my mother was a druggie and I kept two donations from my father to raise me.” Do you have enough to get an inn?” He asked. “Yes I can buy an inn if I want.” She said. He smiled and took his leave. “Good luck in civilization.” He said She smiled and said, “Thank you Memken” “Do you mind if I use your cabin when I stay in the area?” “No I will not need it anymore.” Tawny said.

He left her in middle of town the people there were very nice to her. She asked about places for sale and there are three. The mansion of the old crazy woman, The farmhouse where the father killed his wife and eight children. The final house was a small house that nothing unusual happened in. It was in the forest outside of town and she bought the small house. The next day she went to furniture store and picked out furniture she wanted. They shot her price and she paid it. She would have to wait a week before things start to arrive. Tawny smiles and says, “No rush, just make it beautiful.” The furniture store salesman smiled, “We aim to please.” “Thank you.” she said as she left knowing it would a week before she got furniture. As she left the furniture store she heard the caller announcing the spring tournament in the arena. She headed to arena and signed up for no armor. The fee was twenty five gold pieces she paid and as unknown she went on the board as 20 to 1 odds. She went to the odds makers and bet one hundred gold pieces on herself. No sooner had she placed the bet than the odds fell to 10 to 1. Her ticket says 20 to 1 however.

The tournament starts next Monday and the Knights and plate wearers will face off. On Tuesday the clerics will face off, on Wednesday the rogues are on. Thursday she would fight for the championship. Friday would be the arcane casters and Saturday is the day the winners are granted their winnings.

On Thursday she is up against three monks in a row and as quick as they are they are no match for her quick great axe. She is too the round of sixteen in no time. Her fight at that level was with a ranger who used a bow. She dodged and deflected most of the arrows and got him twice with a run by. They were both wounded when she knocked him down and she put her knee into his back and pulled back on his hair. With his neck exposed she threated to cut off his head and he resigned.

The fight at eight was more formidable than any she has faced but she found a way to win. She got to 5 to 2 odds and faced in the round of four the favorite to win a half orc also a barbarian. The fight is close and she critical hits twice and he fails to critical against her. In the end the critical hits were too hard to overcome. The half orc got tired before the end of the battle and they locked weapons and she disarmed him. He resisted her attempt to tackle him and pulled a dagger. She removed her belt and caught the hand with the belt and jerked it knocking the dagger out. She led with her great axe and landed on her feet burying it into his chest. The half orc fell the ground with a thud. The healing clerics were quick and saved his life but she was the winner. Her final odds were 3 to 2.

She made the final and faced another human barbarian he is much bigger and probably stronger than her. She will use her quickness to baffle him. The battle is frustrating for the large human she is too quick for him. She has hit him four times and he is yet to hit her. He lowered his head and charged her. She stepped aside and turned her axe and his head hit the side of the axe. He fell to the ground with a thud. He is unconscious and she is the winner. Tawny expected to win and did.

She celebrates her win on Friday. She drinks way too much and when a guy tries to hit on her stone drunk, she drew her axe and took a defensive position. The men left her alone after that. She left when the tavern closed and stumbled to her home. She is awake early as her bed the bathtub and the stove have arrived. She is up while they install the pieces. When the men leave and everything is working she bathes.

Once clean she is ready for the winners circle and has to be there by 10am. She arrives on time and is with the other winners. They go up on stage when the procession ends. She is wearing a fine dress and looks great. She gets plenty of whistles when she comes on stage. Each of the winners got a good magic item and ordinary magic item with 250 gold pieces. Tawny has magic weapon so she got bracers and a cloak. She left with her items and small chest of gold. The tournament was over and before bed she turned in her ticket and they gave her a medium chest of gold she carried the chest into her home.

She has plenty of money and if she wants to adventure she has the credentials and a win in a tournament. She packs up and leaves her home and heads to Grenwich. She arranged with a neighbor to water her plants. She is confident when she arrives in Grenwich. She looks and finds the Adventurers Combine. She finds an inn real close. She gets a room in the Wild Stallion Inn. She pays for a week. She gets room 203 and likes her room and takes a daily bath. She goes out in a hide tube top and hide short shots with sandals. She heads to the Adventurers Combine and beats the close by five minutes. “Welcome please hurry.” The guard said. Tawny smiled and said, “I will be quick enough,” as she walked to the small table and sat down. She pulled the tome to her and flipped to the middle and there she found an empty page. She inked a pen and began.

I am a barbarian looking for a good group only. I have spent ten years in the forest making a life. In recent events i have returned to Civilization. If ten years by myself I taught myself a lot of things I can tan hides, build furniture, and hunt with gathering. If you need a barbarian who won the spring tournament in Moreley. Please contact, Tawny @ room 203 in the Wild Stallion inn.

She smiled and closed the tome before pushing it back to its resting place. She stood from the table and pushed in the chair. She walked to the door saying, “Have a good night.” The guard followed her to the door and smiled, “Good luck” He said. Tawny shot him a smile and left the building. She would not have to wait long for adventure…