Endless Oddities


The story of Markov


Markov was born in small forest community. He grows up learning about the forest. He is good kid and he is smart. He loves animals and knows the rules of the forest well by eight. He is the smartest kid in school, He is skipped a grade at times he is so smart. He is nice kid with a good heart.

He graduates at thirteen and is picked up by the Order of the Forest, He learns to be a druid, He is a druid at sixteen and he has a good way with experience, He heads out exploring the forest in the northwest corner of the forest.

He is wandering there for years and in his last year he found a badly wounded wolf and nursed it back to health, The wolf learned to trust him and stayed around, He has a friend now the wolf follows and listens to him, He names her Culo and they are good friends, He reached twenty and things changed within him, He is a capable druid and he should adventure, This idea consumed him and he left the forest and headed to Corathus, He arrived and found the Adventurers league. He checked in inns for one that would take his wolf. The Endless Pillow Inn allows him to bring the wolf, It is expensive but his friend can come, He spends his first day doing laundry and waiting for it to dry, He bathes and cleans and grooms, He soaks a while waiting for his laundry to dry, He finally gets out dries off, He wraps in the towel he dried off with, He checks the first clothes washed and they are dry, He dresses and takes Culo out. He hits the Little Philly Tavern, He walks in with Culo right behind him, He sits at the left end of the tavern and Culu curls up on the floor, “What will you be drinking?” The barkeep said, “Could I get elven wine for me and big bowl of water for my friend,” The barkeep says, “Sure I have never seen anyone bring a wolf in before.” “We have been friends years,” Markov says, “She was the last pup alive and wounded badly, I nursed her back to health and she has stayed with me ever since, She is used to human interaction and it does not bother her.” The barkeep gets a bowl from the kitchen and fills with water and Markov places it on the floor next to Culo, She gets up and begins to drink the water, Markov gets his elven wine, Markov is reading the menu and the barkeep is working,

Markov decided and placed the menu back in the holder, The barkeep returns what would you like, “I would like a bowl of pork porridge, for me and two burgers cooked pretty well on a flat plate for my friend,” The barkeep writes down the order and takes the order to the kitchen,

He returns to Markov and says, “What brings you to Corathus? “I am looking for adventure I am capable druid.” Markov says. “The Adventurers League is the place you can place an advertisement for adventure,” The barkeep says, “Yes, it is closed now I will hit it in the morning,” Markov says. The barkeep refills his eleven wine, The barkeep leaves to head to the kitchen,

He returns with the meals and places the porridge in front of Markov and puts the burgers to his left, Markov eats letting the burgers cool. The barkeep works while he is eating, Markov is enjoying the meal and when the burgers a cooler he puts them on the floor for Culo, Culo eats and drinks more while Markov eats, Markov eats a little slow and picks up the empty plate and bowl and finishes his meal, He piles the plates in front of him and pushes them away, The barkeep returns and fills his elven wine, “Will there be anything else?” “No thank you we are both satisfied,” Markov says, The barkeep takes the plates to the kitchen,

He returns and has Markov’s check amd places it to the right of him, “Have a great night both of you,” The barkeep says, “You have a good night,” Markov says. The barkeep goes back to work, Markov finishes his elven wine, He places five gold pieces on the check, He stands as does Culo, The two of them walk out of the tavern, They are walking back to the inn and small child wants to pet the wolf. “Only if you are very nice to her,” Markov says, The little girl was nice and petted Culo and she sat still and enjoyed it, “She is so soft” The little girl says and runs back to her family, Markov smiles and says, “Have a nice evening,” The people were very nice, They made the inn and went up to their room, Markov brushed Culo out and put on night clothes. They go to bed about ten pm,

The bed is very nice and they both get a good night’s sleep, Culo wants to go out at seven am and Markov gets dressed and takes her out. They go back to the tavern for some food, They eat and leave and it is only 8am, They go back to the inn and relax in the inn room, Markov waits until nine to head over, It will be open by the time he gets there. He brings Culo and she is good and sleeps next to him at the small table, He fills out an advertisement in the tome. He closes the tome and pushes it back to its resting place, He stands, pushes in the chair and says, “Have a great day.” The guard smiles and as Markov is leaving.says, “Good Luck!” Markov smiles as he leaves the office, He goes back to the inn and waits for a letter.

He gets a letter from the twins inviting him to a meeting on Tuesday, They informed, “They are the group get to know each other,” We met the others and they have good experience, That is the purpose of the meeting and we succeeded in meeting each other pretty well, Tina said the next meeting on Thursday.

On Thursday the meeting is about purpose. The wizard Morath has been missing five years and his second apprentice is worried about him and wants use to explore the north forest and bring him home,

We leave on Friday at 8am and we will all be early and leave early, We will see what we find for clues,