Endless Oddities


The story of kendra

The tale of Kendra

The birth of Kendra was poor circumstances a young woman was raped and had her. It was just the two of them. Tessa had a decision and went with the orphanage. She put the baby in her bassinette dressed in warm clothes with two blankets to keep her warm. She waited until early morning to drop Kendra off. She was sure no one saw her and she put a note in with Kendra.

To whom, ever finds Kendra,

She is healthy child and happy child I Think she will be loved. I am sorry at my age I cannot care for her. Find her a good home please


The deed was done but at fourteen she did not expect she would be able to afford anything for her. She just hoped she got a better family than the mother had. She never forgets Kendra is her daughter.

The baby was found with the note and knew her name is Kendra. The baby was taken in and the list of people who wanted a baby was consulted. The orphanage contacted three families and would take the ones they think are best. The families filled out paperwork and they reviewed all three applications. The orphanage decided on the Markov family. They are young enough to adopt and have solid base of money she would be happy with them. Ivan and Sven were the parents and Kendra seemed to like them during their visits with her. She went home with them she was loaded in carriage and taken away from the Aster Orphanage. She travels five days to Surprese the eastern most Five Valleys towns..


they live right on the sea edge the view was amazing and they sold fresh fish in bulk. Markov has a boat and fishes with nets while the fish are running. He can net 200 fish a day at 10 silver a fish. He fishes five hours a day in the early morning. Sven is on the city council and that pays well too. It alternates care for Kendra.

Kendra loves her parents as a small child and things are great in the family. She reached five and went to school in the local school. She has no other children in her class. She is alone and learns fast and in two years she caught up to Tommy Parker and they would be in the same classes.

The class with another student slowed her learning but gave her someone to talk to in downtime. Tommy is a big adventuring guy he always talked about the adventures in the book he was reading. He had decided he would be a fighter. He planned to work out from eleven to fifteen and join a school They talked about adventures a lot. Even Kendra liked hearing about the adventures it was fun.

At thirteen Kendra wanted to look her best at all times to attract boys. Tommy did not clean up until fourteen and he went after another girl. Kendra was confused but let him do what he wanted. She went to the temple more with Tommy not around at this time. She begins to take classes with the priests. When Tommy is back she is too busy for him with the church. She will become a cleric at sixteen because of these classes. When she did Tommy was in fighter school, and she dated a few men but was always comparing them to Tommy.

The wait was almost eight years for a church. At seventeen she left for Aster by caravan in which she is the healer. The caravan made it without combat and she was paid 30 gold pieces. That gave her 95 gold pieces to her name. She got an inn for three weeks. She went to the Adventurers Combine. She found the office and went in.

The guard inside said, “Welcome to the Adventurers Combine, I draw your attention to the small rectangular table with a thick tome on one end. The tome is for adventurers to place a one page advertisement with Talents and skills, the type of adventure you want, and contact information. If you have any questions direct them to mem Guard Jensen” “Thank you Guard Jensen.” Kendra said as she walked to the table and pulled out the chair and sat in it. She pulled the tome to her. She read a few entries and turned to an open page. She inked a pen and began:

Capable healer is looking for a good aligned group. I am a gifted healer and cleric of Pelor. If this sounds too good to pass up contact Kendra Markov, @ the Sleeping Tiger Inn Room 213 or at the temple of Pelor.

She was happy with the direct approach and closed the tome then pushed it back to its resting place. She stood and pushed the chair in, “Have a good day Guard Jensen,” as she headed to the door. Guard Jensen said, “Good luck.” Kendra smiled and left the office. She went back to the inn and relaxed before leaving for the temple and the service tonight. She went to the service and helped out some during the service. She stayed to clean up the rows of benches. There was a knight watching her and he asked, “Miss Kendra, would you have dinner with me?” “I will take your offer but not tonight I am tired” Kendra said. “Is there a service tomorrow?” he asked. “No,” she said. “Then I will pick you up at six, see you then” “Sounds good, I will be ready. Take care.” She finished picking up and returned to the high priest and he asked about her talking to Knight Alabaster. “He asked me out tomorrow night.” Kendra said. “He is kind you will have fun.” The High Priest said. “Good”, Kendra said. She grabbed her morning star and clipped it to her belt. Then she went back to the Inn. She took a bath and relaxed in it. She washed her hair and wrapped a towel around it. She left the towel on her head an hour and it almost dried her hair. She brushed it down getting the moisture out. She went to bed and relaxed.

She woke at nine am and dressed in went to work on her hair. She spent another hour working on it before she was satisfied. She went down to the tavern and got a meal before heading back to the room. She relaxed and fell asleep because she was so relaxed. She slept a few hours and woke up at 3pm. She fixed her hair from sleeping on it. She donned her yellow summer dress. She went with yellow shoes with it. She looked good in the mirror she hoped he liked her appearance. She fiddled with the hair some more and put a yellow rose in her hair. It was a nice touch. She looked really good she relaxed and waited for the Knight. The knight came right at 6pm and she donned some perfume some ten minutes ago. “You look beautiful and smell great.” He said, “Are you ready?” “Yes I am,” Kendra said and she grabbed her small bag and locked her door. They walked arm in arm down the stairs and out of the tavern.

He walked to Antonio/s Restaurant and up the steps into the place. He said to the hostess “Knight Alabaster table for two.” The hostess smiled and said, “Right this way.” They walked arm in arm through the place to a banquet room in the back. There was but one table for two people in this room. He pulled a chair for Kendra and pushed her in. He took the other seat. “What are you drinking tonight?” he asked. “Lemonade and an elven wine please.” The waiter came to the table and Knight Alabaster said for the lady Lemonade and elven wine, I will have a dark lager.” “I will be back with drinks.” the waiter said. “I know it is inappropriate to ask a woman her age but you seem rather young.” He said. “I am seventeen.” She said. He signed “I am twenty six I think I am too old for you” “It does not mean I do not want to be here and I am excited to see where this goes.” She said. He smiles,”I am an experienced adventurer I have complete a dungeon with my group. My group has freed hostages from a perilous organization and we have ended the threat of a warlock who was terrorizing a town.” “Those adventures sound exciting.” She said. “If that is what you call dangerous.” He said. “I became a cleric last year and after many healing days I came to Aster. I am from Surprese. I like the temple here and help out when I can but I am not assigned there they tell me eight years before I get a church position.” She explained, “I Have applied in the Adventurers Combine for a good group.” “Yes, he said. ”It is where I found your address. My group needs a healer but I did anticipate how young you are.” “Is that a problem I am good healer.” She said, “I took the life option.” The waiter brought menus to them with the drinks. “What are you having?” he asked. “Shrimp pasta, with cheese.” She said. The waiter came for the order. Knight Alabaster said, “The lady will have the shrimp pasta with cheese. I will have steak medium with the mixed vegetables and mashed potatoes please.” “It will be about twenty minutes for food right now. I am sorry it is so long but it is busy.” “No worries it will be fine.”     Knight Alabaster said “I respect your ability to heal, question your dedication and drive.” “I am dedicated to Pelor with my whole heart, I give you my word I have the drive to help you. If I was 22 would you take me?” “Yes, at your age your best ideas are not filled with challenge yet.” “You may be right in saying I have not faced fear more than a few times. I have passed all those times with flying colors.” She said, ”I want to help you”. “I respect that you want the position can you guarantee you will not let us down.” “I cannot guarantee that. I will promise to do my best and lay it all out for you, Pelor willing.” She said, “I doubt I am perfect.” He smiled, “That is reasonable oath. I will talk to the others and see what they say” he said.

He then made small talk with Kendra trying to get to know her. She did not mind the questions and did her best to answer them. The food finally came and Kendra said a prayer before the meal and they began to eat. While they were eating the waiter brought them more drinks a lemonade and elven wine for the lady and dark lager for the knight. The second elven wine relaxed her some and she was more fluid in her answers. He asked many questions and she answered them to her best ability and when he was satisfied with the questions he made small talk again. “Would you like a desert? He asked. “Blackberry ice, please,” she replied. The waiter returned and he ordered a blackberry ice for the lady, Chocolate Tiramasu for me. The waiter was back quickly with the deserts. Knight Alabaster loved his dessert and Kenda was crazy about her blackberry ice. When the waiter cleared the plates and left the bill. Kendra said, “Thank you for the interview and the chance to heal your group along with the great meal.” “Thank you for putting up with my questions this is serious matter. I am sorry I was not more interested in dating you because of your age.” “Do not worry I had a good time.” Kendra said. “Sure thing Kendra glad you had, a good time.” He stood and pulled out her chair so she could stand and pushed her chair in. The waiter came back and Knight Alabaster paid. He offered her an arm she took it. On the way out she saw Tommy with his Girlfriend at a table and she continued walking. Tommy was looking at her and she ignored him. Kendra left the restaurant with Knight Alabaster. “Can you take me home?” Kendra asked. “Certainly,” he said, “It will let me talk to my group about you.” He walked her back to her room. “Thank you for an incredible meal and good company.” She said. “You are a nice girl and I think many men were jealous of me tonight” he said, “I had fun interviewing you are open and honest those are honorable traits.” “Thank you.” Kendra said and she closed the door and locked it.

She has mixed feelings about the knight he dismissed the date when he discovered her age. He mentioned an interview and she answered all questions. She earned his respect and that is all that mattered. She took a bath to remove perfume and makeup. She relaxed in the tub and when she finally got out she went to bed.

She smiled when she woke around eight thirty am. She got dressed and was going down to for a meal and there was a letter at the door. She picked it up and took it to breakfast. She opened the fancy envelope and pulled the fancy paper out of the envelope. She unfolded the paper and read:

Dear Kendra Markov,

Thank you for not slapping me when I asked you all those questions I am sorry I came across as a jerk. I think you are wonderful person with a good heart and honest intentions. The end of our night was cut short because of me and my way. I am not a jerk and if you were not so young I would prove this to you. I talked with my group and they want to meet you today at 2pm in the Broken Wheel Tavern. Please come and expect more questions they are really interested. Sincerely Knight Alabaster.

She will meet them today and she will go in full armor with her weapon belt. She had breastplate armor and a morning star. She brought her shield with her with her holy symbol around her neck. She walked over to the Broken Wheel a little early and just sat down at a small table to watch. The knight had his back to her the dwarf arrived first the men shook hands and the dwarf sat down. He was in plate mail with a shield and a Warhammer. A fighter she assumed for the dwarf. A tall wizard came into the tavern with a falcon on his shoulder. He walked to the Knights table and sat dawn. She recognized the next man into the bar was a rogue. He wore studded leather with a dagger on his belt and rapier hanging from his belt. He sat down with them and the men greeted each other. Finally a muscular man came in without a shirt and small shorts and sturdy boots. He carried a huge axe and had a bow strapped around him with a belt. He sat down at the table. It was two pm and she walked from her table to the table with mem. “I am Kendra Markov the cleric of Pelor,” she sat down. Knight Alabaster said, “She is hearty and genuine but young please welcome Kendra Markov.” “Welcome Kendra”, the men said. “If you doubt what I told you about the interview ask her now.” Knight alabaster said. “Do you have any magic?” the dwarf asked. “My breast plate, and my holy symbol.” She replied. “What is your highest level spell?” The wizard asked.” I have 2 third level spells.” Kendra replied. “How did you get so pretty?” The barbarian asked. “My mother is pretty too.” She said. The rogue asked, “Have you ever been in dungeon?” “Only as a child we toured the Wentworth Castle and went into the dungeon, as well as most of the castle.” She replied. The rogue said, “Have you seen someone die” “Yes I was child when one man killed another with a pick axe. It was brutal and I remembered it for a long time.” She replied. “What skills do you have other than priest?” Knight Alabaster asked. “I am good swimmer and a capable fisherman. I can cure hides, and cobbler skills” She replied. “How long have you been a cleric?” the wizard asked. “Almost two years now.” She replied There were no more questions and the group discussed her. “What do you think of her guys?” Knight Alabaster said. The dwarf said, “She is an up and coming cleric with only two years of cleric and two third, level spells. She is a gifted cleric and I say despite her age she is capable.” “She has never been in dungeon situation and she was tormented by death as a child. I question her toughness.” The rogue said. The barbarian said. “She is capable and pretty, honest and willing to give us a try I say I think she can heal us well enough.” Okay we will take a marble vote. Knight Alabaster handed each person a white marble and black marble. “If you want her drop a white marble into the helmet, and if you do not want her drop a black marble in the hat. Before you vote think of total package and we do need healer ask yourself if we can do worse. If the answer is yes accept her.” He removed his helmet and put it in the middle of the table. As they voted one marble was dropped in the hat, and the other put in the bag. Each person voted and the knight pulls his helmet too him. We have four white marbles in the hat which surprises me.” Knight Alabaster said. You have been verified if you want to join. “I will remember that.” She said, “Can you introduce me to them.” “Of course bad me.” The knight started, “The dwarf is our brave fighter Darven , to his right is our wizard Fenolin, to his right our barbarian Mar. finally our rogue who i am surprised voted for you is Verkar.” “Nice to meet you all.” Kendra said, “I would like to talk to each of you before I decide to join.” Knight Alabastersaid “That is great idea who would you like to talk to first. “Verkar please.” She said. “The two of you go to the two person table and talk.” The knight suggested. Kendra and Verkar walked to the table and sat down. “You were critical of me yet voted for me why?” Kendra asked. “Clearly you are capable and the dwarf and the wizard are right you have come up fast and that is good quality. You are honest and fair and we could a lot worse than you as the knight suggested. Mar is correct you are pretty.” Verkar said. “Thank you.” Kendra said, “Do I have to worry about you stealing from me?” “No, I do not steal from group mates nor do I skim treasure for all of us.” He said. “How did you get to be a rogue as lawful as you are?” She asked. “I became a rogue because my home life was terrible and rose quickly because of my abilities .It was not until I became a trained assassin and would not kill anybody that got me kicked out as a rogue. I have adventured for the last six years with the group and they like my way and enjoy my keeping them straight. I have the skills to do dungeons and the ability to kill instantly if I need to.” he said, “This group is best family I have ever had they mean a lot to me keep them alive.” “I will do my best.” She replied. “The knight is right you are a fit for the group” Verkar said. “Thank you for talking to me can you send Darven over when you back.” She asked. “Sure thing Kendra.” Verkar said as he stepped up from the chair and walked back to the men. Darven headed over to her table.

“Hello Kendra what can I do for you?” Darven asked as he sat down. “What is your pre group story?” She asked, Darven smiled and said. My father is one the generals in the military and he made me train at ten until I went into the military. I was twice awarded the Medal of Honor for my tour but I left the military. I did caravans for a while and was nearly killed by an Ogre. I went for adventure and met the other fellows. We have become a family we have been together so long.” “You sound similar to Vekar he loves this family too.” “Yes since my father disowned me for leaving the military and removed me from the family this is the replacement family for me.” The dwarf said. “Do you have any questions for me?” Kendra asked. “I think the knight gave us most information I know you want the group why the interviews?”. Darven asked. “It is way to get familiar with the group and I think that is important. I have not heard about all of you.” “I did not think of that perhaps it was a good idea.” The dwarf said. “You are smart for your age and a good cleric, you have a place in our group.” “Thank you Darven can you send over Mar when you return to the table.” “Sure thing miss Kendra.” He said as he stood up and walked back

Mar walked over the table and said, “Hello Kendra how can I help you.” As he sat down. “Hello Mar. what happened to you that when you were young?” She asked. “I was part of a caravan and lost them at five I followed them and they were destroyed by Ogres. I took the axe that was left and the arrows and a bow and made my life in the forest for ten years. A scout found me and took me back to civilization. I joined this group at fifteen and I have been in some four years. They have treated me like family.” Mar said. “Good so you thank the group for loving you very often?” “No” he said, “It would make me appear weak.” “So do you have any questions for me?” She asked. “It would be inappropriate to ask you out if we are in the group together do you agree?” he asked. “Yes,” She said, “It would be inappropriate. because, we are in the group.” “I thought so.” He said. “Mar can you send over, Fenolin when you return to the table?” She asked.

“So you saved the best for last,” Fenolin said as he sat down. “Will you explain you history?” She asked. “I grew up a child of noble parents and was privately tutored and finished school at 13 with a perfect score. I was in wizard school at 14 and I shined enough to finish by sixteen. As the youngest wizard in school history of the school they gave me this robe. I was a prodigy and became an apprentice of Penolin the wizard and I learned do fast he could not teach me anymore I left and joined this group. My versatility with spells has aided the group many times. We are family of sorts we trust each other completely. I know I was told not to mention this we lost our last cleric he was in the group six years and he was stung by a wyvern and died. We failed him. I am not saying we will fail you. We are pretty powerful group and you are a good healer. We like your honesty and openness. You will be okay in this group.” he said. “Thank you Fenolin do you have any questions for me?” she asked. “Can you keep a man and still heal right?” he asked. “I will not date anyone in the group.” she said. “That is a good idea you are smarter than your age indicates. The knight was right.” Fenolin said, “After the interviews are done will you join us?’ he asked. “I will let you know when we reach the main table.” She replied. “Are we done.” Fenolin asked. “Yes,” She said and the both of them stood up and walked to the table.

The group was whole again and Knight Alabaster smiled and said, “Okay Kendra are you joining?” She smiled and said, “All of you appreciate each other like family” some of you are more crazy than others but I like you all. I want to be in the family. Yes I will Join “ The group applauded her for the statements and joining. “Thank you brothers,” She said. The men laughed but understood the reference. The end of the meeting came soon and the group said see you Monday little sister.

The end of the meeting saw them talking leaving the city at Monday 8 am. She would embark on a new adventure then.